The Yacht


A dream from Astra.

I had bought myself a solo, overnight yacht excursion off the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago. This is not something I would normally have conceived of doing in my waking life.

In the dream, there was the vague purchasing of the ticket. The clear part of the dream is that I arrived at the dock, at night, alone, and alighted on the yacht at the stern, entering into the cabin from a back entrance. It turned out to be much more than a simple cabin. It was as if I entered into a luxury Chicago hotel, from the feel of the interior. Marble floors, floor-to-ceiling windows that were sure to prove an amazing asset  for my viewing pleasure as the boat traveled the lovely lake along the Chicago skyline. Very elegant. The funny part was, when I entered my sleeping quarters, they were very modest and basic. Nothing luxurious – just down-home coziness, with a gingham table cloth over the dresser, and a simple cotton blanket on the twin bunk. Someone’s (I figured it was the captain’s) paperback novel was laying open on the nightstand, face down, to save the page. Maybe he had left it for my reading pleasure. Maybe he’d simply forgotten to remove it in preparation for my arrival. The room’s energy was casual, to say the least.

Suddenly, perhaps due to seeing the open book in the sleeping quarters, I became apprehensive that the captain may have forgotten that I had booked the trip for that evening. Then I thought, maybe I had looked at my calendar wrong. Did I arrive on the wrong night? What was I doing taking an overnight yacht excursion alone, anyway, without family or friends? Was it weird? Was treating myself to the trip a strange thing, even though it was only for one night?

What was my deal?

I thought I’d better find the captain and make sure he knew I was there. For a few minutes, I wandered around and thought I was alone on the ship (yes, the interior was that large!).

Suddenly I could feel the boat starting to pull away from the dock – which was very exciting! There was no turning back now! I turned the corner and saw the captain at the wheel – or the helm – through a glass window. He was an older man with white hair. He pretty much seemed to be ignoring my existence, and though I couldn’t hear him, I could see that he was humming to himself.

Well, this is it, I thought to myself. Here we go!

As the yacht pulled out onto the lake, I awoke.


Shadow-Self Embracing with Jesus (Part 3: The Red-Power Tricycle)

A dream from Gina LaVerde

Here is part 3 of last night’s dream. Catch up with part 1 and part 2

I ran down the old Roman street so fast that my body began lifting off the road, and again I was flying. When I let go of the loss I felt for my life there, and my husband, I was sucked back into the light portal. I felt the colors cleansing me of pain left behind from Rome. I didn’t see the pain as details, but I felt it lifting. Pressure lifted from my head and limbs. I felt a sensation like being sucked through a vacuum.

And I was dropped into what looked like a shower, with blood all over the white curtains. It was my blood. I sat on the floor staring at my blood, knowing that my life was dripping from me — and flashes of people and experiences raced through my mind. My nephew came into the room to clean up some of the blood and report back to the killers, “No, she’s just faking it. She’s not really hurt.” They sent him in to clean up the mess of the stabbing — telling him that I must’ve slipped and fallen. He didn’t notice the hole in my chest. My husband appeared for a moment and he seemed to be arguing about the unfairness of how they were treating the dying me. He wanted blankets and warm water for me. I was shivering.

I had visions of ex-best-friends, ex-boyfriends and their mothers, family members and in-laws. I was drowsy. An old friend would appear in front of me, and I would ask for help only to realize they never really wanted to be my friend in the first place. An ex-boyfriend’s mother appeared to help warm me up, as I was getting so cold. And, she made a remark about how happy she was that her son did not wind up with me. In an attempt to find some peace of mind before my last breath, I telepathically contacted my first-ever best friend. She told me that she had far better friends than me, and named them one by one.

I began to mentally understand the point that I was really dying and had been killed by a family member who just couldn’t accept my power anymore. I had many supernatural powers. So, I allowed my mind to take me someplace fun.

I found a red tricycle near the house of my first-ever best friend. I got on it and rode it like the wind. Yes, I had an adult body, but it was my child body that was riding the tricycle. I rode and rode, laughing happily as passers-by gawked at my old-fashioned Roman clothes. Some saw me as a nonsensical child, some saw me as a witch, some saw me as deranged. Two men who spent some extra time ridiculing me obviously saw me as all of these things and also very threatening. They whispered that I was very educated and powerful but that I didn’t know it. They had convinced the neighborhood that I was insane, and my little act of tricycle-riding would completely support that notion. So they laughed, and felt very accomplished.

I just kept riding, reading the minds and the intentions of everyone around me. I felt a deep scar from all of the times I tried to make these people my friends. I still didn’t understand the reasons behind their crimes toward me and a lot of me still wanted to look for those reasons. I was deeply emotionally wounded, and with each push of the pedal, I forced out the laughter that was underneath and it felt exhilarating.

Then there was Jesus. He told me with his mind that he was with me all along. “Keep riding,” he said.  I rode and rode in spiral circles of light, feeling my heart warm up with his embrace.

And, I awoke.

Shadow-Self Embracing with Jesus (Part 2: Rome, 1836)


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A dream from Gina LaVerde

Here is part 2 of last night’s dream. Follow up with part 1

I swallowed the violet  light and felt it bringing me back to life. My spirit was again detached from my body, and the boys were still asleep — so I decided to see where the violet spirals would take me. At first, I began walking into the light. But, then my guide whispered — “ You can Fly.” And so I did.

I lifted my arms out like a bird and rode the spinning light waves through a long bright tunnel. Jesus was still with me, and I had so many questions for him, but it was as if he was telling me to wait until later.

Then suddenly, I fell through the tunnel onto the street. A brick-looking street. In the middle of the sunshiney day. I thought about how I had left at night, hmmmm. I was changed so much I feared looking at myself. I could tell right away that my hair was much longer and obviously matted from the trip. My shoes felt odd too.

I had an incredible urge to sing, dance and run down these gorgeous streets where men sold merchandise and food, and women walked chatting about their children. Horse-drawn carts were scattered about the way. Some filled with bread loaves or blankets, others carrying happy people. I saw a horse that I wanted to pet. A plump man with a curly grey beard shouted out  about the blessedness of what he was selling. Everyone chimed along. I began to get a sense that everyone was selling something. And, everything looked tempting. There were lots of voices talking happiness and apparently also a small commotion going on in one corner of the street that seemed to upset some of the people.

I strolled down the street — my portal dissolved. (I half-wondered how I would get back to my life, but this was too great to miss). My sense of my guide was in and out, so I just had to take a risk and talk to these people.

I felt very much at home here. Elated actually. I ran first to the grey-bearded man selling bread and said, “Good day.” He smiled and looked as though he was going to offer me a loaf. I was kind of hyper and giddy by now. “Where are we?” I asked. “What city are we in?” “Why, we’re in Rome. Rome. We are in Rome, lady!” A few other men next to him on the square chimed in, concerned that I didn’t know where I was. “Rome!” they said together.

I couldn’t believe it. I was in ROME! Oh wow! In my life as Gina, my guides told me we were going to Rome next. I had no idea it would be so soon. My heart filled with joy and gratitude. Oh Rome. The way it smelled, so green and fresh. The sunshine, The people. The horses. The bread.

These men knew my name. And, they said it in Italian. I was slightly confused. “What does that mean?” I asked.

“Servant girl. It means servant girl.” The plump guy told me. I looked down at my dirty legs and shoes. My beige/white dress with spots on it. I touched my matted hair. Nope, this was just from going through the portal. ‘I am Gina, right?’ I thought. The voice in my head told me I wasn’t Gina. But I blocked my name from coming; I didn’t want to know. I wasn’t going to get stuck there.

“I am no servant!” I assured them. “I am…I am….” I wanted to tell them how smart I am and that I can do so much more than be a servant. But then the small commotion of people who I noticed  in the corner glared over at me. It was me they were looking for. I was escaping. And I ran and ran and ran down those long narrow streets until I found my husband, Doug.

“Doug, we’re in Rome,” I said. But he was old and slow. He knew we were in Rome and this was no big deal to him. “We live here,” he said. I felt a yearning for the adventurous Doug who I know when I am Gina. This one seemed so passive. I hugged and kissed him goodbye, knowing that I was going to find him on the other side of my portal, but still feeling a loss that he couldn’t come with me. Before I left, he told me what year it was. And that I was 17.

Shadow-Self Embracing with Jesus (Part 1)


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A dream from Gina LaVerde

Dreams are very important to me and my work. It is in our dreams that we let go of the human ( 3 dimensional world) limitations that keep us from knowing our true selves. As I travel my path and continue to help others on theirs, I thought it would be helpful to share  some of my dreams with you. I’ve been so close to Jesus ( in the most non-religious way imaginable) since I was a child. He has physically held me and guided me through the craziest and most confusing times. This post is not to offend anyone else’s interpretation of who Jesus is. 

Last night, I lay stuck in my bed — completely unable to move. I had an eerie feeling in my gut. Doug and Dougie were cuddled up in the bed beside mine, snoozing perfectly, and I wanted so desperately to call to them and to be next to them. We’ve been sleeping in someone’s basement on 2 mattresses on the floor until while we finish our house on wheels. I was beginning to feel mentally exhausted from this and longing for that sense of HOME that was inches away from me.  I tried lifting my head to no avail.  My neck felt like lead. My forehead burned. Fear was creeping up from my feet to head but I didn’t know exactly why. I tried lifting my hands, but a tremendous weight held me down. And my stomach sank even more.

Out of the half-open doorway came a woman who I knew to be myself. She looked quite evil though. And her hair was much longer. “I must be dreaming,” I thought. And, at that time, I realized that I REALLY could not speak. This wasn’t something temporary. I was screaming in my mind. If this was a dream, I was supposed to have a guide. I always have guides during my most painful dreams. “Where is my guide?” I thought very loudly. And, “Why was I so afraid of myself?” And, “Was she really me?”  I could tell her intentions were dark.

She sat on the edge of the bed where my husband and son slept. And she raised her hands above their heads, as if to put some dark spell on them. She stared directly at me the entire time. I bit my tongue. I do this in dreams to wake myself up in emergency cases. I felt the bite on my tongue, but it didn’t wake me. I knew I was sleeping too deeply. The pain I felt was in my mind only, because I actually couldn’t move. So, with the shadow-me staring me down and threatening my loved ones, I began to use my mind to hurt myself even more — with hopes of waking my physical body. I imagined pinching and scratching at my arms and squeezing my hands. That only worked to cause me more pain. I gave up trying to hurt myself.

At that moment I felt a warmth that told me I was being held by Jesus. And, I heard his voice. He assured me that the woman was me. My shadow. With him there, my fears began fading, but I still had to save my men. She continued hovering over Doug and Dougie with her ill intentions. Jesus held me more and filled me with a violet light that I knew I had to transfer to the shadow me. She understood my thoughts, so talking to her was unnecessary.

Again, I tried talking with my voice, only to become more drained and frustrated.  My heart felt that this was some kind of test. I KNEW how to reach her without words or movement, but still I used up all of my physical strength and resources before I would even admit my other abilities to myself. Violet light seeped through my hand chakras to her heart. She didn’t budge. My spirit began lifting off my body. Jesus nodded and helped me as my soul peeled from the paralyzed flesh and bones on the bed. I didn’t want to fully let go. I kept resisting and having to start over. Then, finally I hovered over her. I expanded the violet light to create a bubble around her. She didn’t budge, but she still hadn’t hurt my guys, so I was gaining hope and confidence. “You love Jesus,” I told her with my mind. She barely flinched. “You love him and he is here to help you. He will comfort you.” She was getting fired up.

Jesus comforted me and told me I was doing a great job. But, we had to kick up the pace a little. She was very lost and hearing Jesus’ name fired her up a little more each moment. She couldn’t see him or feel him. Only I could.

I let go into his arms and his voice came through me. “ I am here, ” he said to her. His voice came through my entirety — like a loud boom that filled the room. My lips didn’t move and I wondered where he was actually speaking through.

“I am here, and I will help you. Feel the light and let it sink into you. It will dissolve all that makes you doubt your true power. You too are of this light. I am Jesus. You know me.”

I couldn’t tell if she was cracking or not. I had my doubts and my hopes. And, I was getting very tired from having the voice speaking through me. I was back inside my physical body.

She got off the bed and started to charge toward me in slow motion. I created an instant violet bubble around Doug and Dougie. I let that bubble grow and grow until they were completely protected. But, where was Jesus? My consciousness of him was in and out and I was becoming more tired.

“I won’t hurt you,” I  told her with my mind. “But, oh I will destroy YOU!” she said back to me. Her negative energy was taking my breath away. I was losing strength. I felt an urge to squish her. And — I thought I could with my mind. But, that violet light was becoming stronger and more apparent. It was filling the room, and all it made me want to do is LOVE HER. I was sending her zaps of love, but they didn’t seem to fully reach her. I was very confused.

She became a black/grey smoke cloud within the violet light. And, with energy from my palms, I spun her around in spirals. Her doubt and her hatred were so debilitating to me. I was exhausted. And, that’s when Jesus came through me again. This time his words were so strange, I could barely understand them. All, I know is that he seemed to be repeating the same mantra until she was almost completely dissolved. And, she and I both swam around in the light spirals until the tiniest bit of grey/purple darkness entered my heart. I fell unconscious and imagined Jesus was taking care of the rest. I wanted to help. I wanted to know what was happening. But, I had never been so tired. All I could do was let go. When it was over I felt different.



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The first thing I remember is that my mom had come to pick “us” (me and ?) up to take us to see someone or something cool and we were going to drive there.  We were driving out into the swampy wetlands but there was a winding road that our car was on.  The road was getting deeper and deeper under water.
Finally just as the water seemed to get too deep, I was like: “OK, lets turn around, I don’t really want to go to this place….” Then we pulled into a building’s parking lot. It was completely under water – by like 6 inches. Other people were there in the parking lot and inside the building too – it seemed like you could get food inside or something, kind of like a visitors center for the wetlands. My dad was there then also, and he got out of the car and started taking off his shoes and socks to walk through the water to go into the visitors center and I was like – “Hey, that’s a great idea!” Although I had already stepped into the water with my shoes on, I took them off anyway.
Then it kind of switched to this “meeting” (maybe it was taking place inside or connected to that wetlands center – it was unclear). Present at the meeting were myself, a science professor from some university, another girl my age, a guy who seemed to be in a black vehicle (which wasn’t weird in the dream) and then the person who had brought me to the meeting who was a guy, but no name and not sure how I knew him in the dream land – we were buds though.
In the meeting we were discussing how to purify water and different people were all suggesting different things; it was like we were all in some kind of scientific group that was going to put together some kind of experiment and solve the issue of clean water once and for all. The professor guy was complaining because his funding had been insufficient and finally cut at the university to make any headway on what he was doing.  Other people were discussing different things and we had made some sort of progress – then I was like: “This has been great so far – let’s take it to one unit smaller; rather than working at the molecule level lets take it to the level of Quarks and Rays.” And I kind of visioned an idea to them.
The idea was something along the lines of using our intention to make changes at the physical level and doing experiments to really find out how to do it and harness it in a repeatable way around the issue of purifying water.
Right away the guy in the black car said something to shut down the idea, but I still had the floor (I was about to bicker with him, but I stopped myself and laughed), so I said: “Thank you for sharing your idea, Mr. Black Car Guy. Thank you for sharing that idea.” Then I lead a breathing exercise (I was still laughing so it was a fun challenge) during which we all breathed in, holding the intention of what energy we wanted to keep, and then, breathing out, we released what was no longer useful back down into the earth to be neutralized. Everyone was laughing then and we were going to explore my idea of Quarks and Rays further a bit.
Then the professor shared that it reminded him of this one species of gorilla or bear (or some animal like that) that needed 2 hours to do its mating and always had a hard time going the whole way with it because of the time element.  This somehow applied to an idea for an experiment or something, not sure….
Lots more happened after that but I can’t remember – then I woke up and in my mind was the phrase that someone had gotten an “earthgrade” as opposed to an “upgrade.”

Right Place, Right Time


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A dream from Maria

I dreamt that a good friend of mine was taking me to some event that I didn’t really want to be a part of, but I felt like as long as he was going to be there with me it wouldn’t be so bad. When we got to the event it turned out totally differently than what I was expecting, so I was able to relax. The building I was in was some sort of school building, and I was sitting in what seemed to be a lobby where people were just there, hanging out, doing their own thing. I sat there just watching everybody; then I realized that my friend was no longer next to me. I panicked and began to search for him. I found him in a classroom, where he was waiting to teach a group of women who were just sitting on the floor looking towards the door, like they were happily and patiently waiting for me.
I walked into the classroom, and then became aware that I didn’t have anything to write with. I turned to leave, to go find something, and one of the women said: “Please don’t leave, we need you here, we’re here for you and class cannot start without you.” I informed her that I needed something to take notes with, promised her that I would be right back and saw her relax as I left the room.
I searched the hallway and the only thing I could find to write on was a children’s fairytale book. I picked the book up and its pages were ripped, drawings were scribbled on it and it looked really old – but I did find that there was space for me to take notes. I did not want to have to take my notes on this book, it just didn’t seem right – but there didn’t seem to be any other options, people were waiting for me and I had to make a decision. I closed the book and started heading back to class, then I thought, well, this story is probably a misinterpretation and could use a rewrite anyway.
I got back to class and upon entering the classroom I found my spot, sat down, and noticed a woman who I did not see there before. She did not look excited for class to start like the other women (who were done looking at the door waiting for me, and now looking at my friend waiting for him to teach.) She was hugging her knees to her body, and her head was buried in her knees as she rocked herself back and forth. I couldn’t understand how I was the only person aware of this woman who was obviously distressed, and I didn’t know what to do – so I looked to my friend, our teacher, and found him smiling and staring at me. I could tell he was waiting for me to do something, so I gently put my hand to the distressed woman’s shoulder. She quickly flinched away and looked up at me. When she saw it was me I could tell she was relieved, and her eyes teared up a little bit. I could see she was still upset so I scooted closer to her, put my arm around her shoulder and asked her what was wrong.
Just then, all of the other women in the class turned to me and noticed the upset woman in the room for the first time. They all had this puzzled look on their faces that seemed to say, “How did I not notice her before?” I thought, let’s let that go and just figure out what we need to do for her. I looked back to the upset woman, and she told me that she was exhausted – she’d been working overtime for days without a break and she really needed some rest.
I smiled at her; I was so glad she trusted me. I hugged her, brought her to her feet and began to lead her to find a place where she could get some rest and something to eat. She started to panic and was concerned about her boss. I reassured her that she was safe and that I would make sure to speak with her boss and that this would never happen again. Then she smiled at me, my friend rejoined me and together we left to accommodate the woman.

Angels in Reflecting Pools


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A dream from Cat

“What a dream I had
Dressed in organdy
Clothed in crinoline
Of smoky burgundy….”
–Simon & Garfunkel
No, really!  For the first time in my life I had the most wonderful dream, and when I woke up, I said, “Aw, shit! That was only a dream?”  Rather frustrating.

Emily (my best friend from college) and I were at school – not IWU, but I think grad school. And it was this same brownstone structure with huge arches; big, wide-open windows and large grassy fields that I’ve seen in other dreams. So, there are these two guys that Emily and I have our eyes on, and they seem to be watching us, too. Emily’s guy had a runner’s thin build, with shoulder-length curly blonde hair, like hers. My guy was tall, with broad shoulders, brown hair that brushed his ears and neck, and blue eyes. It was the beginning of the school year; so it was still warm outside, we were still getting to know people, and no one was taking their classes very seriously just yet. So, Em and I have just gotten out of a seminar for the day (in yet another brownstone building), and there was some sort of school-organized party going on in this outside commons area with a huge pavilion. (The drinks, I noticed, were stationed under a blue canopy. The orange drink was chunky concentrate where you had to “add soda”…all the rest of the sodas were pretty well gone.)

There was this one guy on campus who was really bothering us; I don’t
know if he was a student, a professor, or just some random guy wearing
mud green polyester pants and a brown plaid sport coat. But he was a
pain, and our crushes had apparently rigged up a trap for him so he’d
leave us alone once and for all. Em’s guy started talking to him and
lured him into the trap, while my guy (Michael?) stood in a nearby
reflecting pool and pulled the ropes connected to the trap, releasing
some logs which rolled out, tripped the guy up, and knocked him into
the reflecting pool. Everyone cheered as The Pest ran away, and the
guys then came up to the pavilion.

Emily went up to her guy and, in her Emily way (meaning
straightforward), gave him a kiss and started chatting with him for a
bit. I was looking for my guy, but we kept missing each other around
corners, so I went and sat down near Emily. Out of the corner of my
eye I saw him talking to some people, trying to decide if he should
come over. Finally he did, sat down, and didn’t say much. He looked
so cute, all shy and soaking wet. I crawled over to his seat, gave
him a hug and said, “Thank you.  That was really sweet.” Then, of
course, my radio started invading the dream. He was speaking the
words to the song that was playing, which I couldn’t understand since
I was waking up. As he spoke, he touched my lips with the back of his
first finger, and then got up and left. Emily asked me what he said.
I told her I wasn’t sure, something along the lines of we’ll always
have someone to watch over us. Then I woke up, realized it was only a
dream, and realized it was 10:03am and I was going to be late to work

Seven years later, I figured out the song he’d been speaking was “Thank
You” by Led Zeppelin:

“If the sun refused to shine
I would still be loving you.
When mountains crumble to the sea,
There will still be you and me.”

Several more years after that, I realized fully that he is Archangel
Michael, and “Emily’s guy” is Archangel Gabriel.

Turtle Dreamin’!


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A dream from Cat

I stood waist-deep in a pool at the country club where I used to spend my summers in high school and college. In my arms was a big, green turtle, which I was about to put in the water. He looked frantically at me, then down at the water, and back at me again; shaking his head, ”No no no nonono!”

He didn’t want to go into the water because he was afraid he couldn’t swim. I said to him, “But you’re a turtle!  Of COURSE you’ll be able to swim!”

Chakra Toning with the Master Zoser


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A dream from Gina LaVerde
I emerged from inside a smoky cloud, and found myself relieved and out of breath in a large stark room. A gorgeous, crystal-laden GRAND piano-looking instrument at the far end of the room caught my attention. Once again, I had intended this dream to land me in the “Hall of Records,” but I quickly forgot that original intention. That piano was so beautiful that I almost didn’t notice the Grand Tall Magical-looking man playing it.
He was obviously very busy, taking notes and carefully humming and listening for the perfect tones and pitches, and recording them again.
He had been waiting so patiently for me. We’d known each other for a very long time. He has been my guide for many lifetimes. I instantly felt comfortable with his instructions.
“Hum: uhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm,” he said. And I did. And we both felt the blocks in my throat chakra. Without speaking to me he began rubbing my throat and playing his gorgeous piano at the same time — adjusting the notes he played according to what he intuited that I needed.
”Do you hear that crack in my voice?”, I asked him. He nodded and showed only a little concern. “We can fix that,” he told me.
He asked me to repeat “uhhhhhhhhhmmmmm.” And, when I did he told me that I was wavering in and out of the tone. “Here, do you hear that?” he asked. “Yes, I hear it, but I can’t hear my own voice”, I answered. Then I quickly chimed in: “But, I can feel it!”
“Then we will go by your feelings,” he said. He showed me what it felt like inside when I made certain sounds. “Am I tone deaf?” I asked him, really concerned. He said that even if I was, we would fix it. I then had a vision of myself in some kind of choir.
We were quiet for a while while the piano just worked on me and the Master Zoser gave me Reiki on my throat and my lower chakras.
“You are a voice healer. We just need to tune you. You use your voice. You need it.”
And I awoke. I saw him again a few nights later when he massaged my shoulders and told me that I was also a swimmer, and that water has a lot to do with my abilities. I can’t wait to see him again. Each time I awake feeling so much better, physically. I thanked him in my waking state. He then confirmed that he was the master Zoser, and that the piano was some sort of Atlantian healing instrument. But, in the dream, he didn’t need any recognition. It was amazing how he simply worked on me without asking for anything in return. Wow!
Can’t wait to share more dreams.

We Have Seen the Wizard


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A dream from Astra

I was in a movie as I am in several dreams. This one was an underground action/adventure film, and the main characters were living certain lives on the surface while underneath they were really secret agents of some sort.

Some were on one side of the issue and some on the other, and they were pitted against each other in an urban setting that was the backdrop for the movie.

There was no camera crew – but, that it was a movie was simply understood.

My surface life was as a waitress in a coffee-house. What made this unusual was my clothing – layered garments of burlap-like material in several earthy shade from medium brown to tan. The other “waitstaff” were dressed like this as well. This style of dress signified our team, and “our side” of the issue. I had long hair tied back in a ponytail, rather than my current shorter hair.

We knew the agents from the other side were nearby, but for the moment we needed to continue on with our surface life. I was the only waitress out front in the coffee-house, when a “customer” – at least on the surface – came in, jingling the little bell on the front door. I looked over to see that this character was being played by a pony-tailed Jeff Bridges (a la the Fisherking era). (Parallel ponytails, he and I!)

Within my non-actor psyche, I was extremely excited to be working with Jeff! In character, however, I asked him if he wanted a table. In character, he said: “Yes.” I gave him a menu and brought him water and coffee.

Suddenly, up on an el platform that we could see (since the coffee-house seemed to be both indoors and outdoors at the same time), I noticed an agent from the “other side.” It was the Cowardly Lion, and he had a bazooka. Innately knowing that Jeff’s character was on our side, and that he was the Cowardly Lion’s target, I grabbed his arm, silently pointing up at the el tracks. I said, “Follow me, I know where to go,” and we ran towards a vintage building with numerous doorways. We entered a door and continued running – through doors, up and down stairwells, through passages – purposely twisting and turning throughout the building so that no one could track us.

Finally we came out the other side and on to a street, and it became apparent to me that I was holding Toto – a big, fat, heavy version of Toto, and that he was slowing me down big-time. Jeff was already way down the block, and I realized that if I set Toto down he was smart enough to follow us on his own, and I didn’t have to feel responsible for carrying his weight!

So I put him down, and found it much easier to run.